Shakira hot summer romance with Lewis on fast track

Shakira hot summer romance with Lewis on fast track

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton are likely to move fast together in their relationships in 2023.

Following a tough breakup from Gerard Pique, the Colombian singer has reportedly been in relationships with many different men, but it’s Hamilton with whom they spend the most time together. Shakira, a British GP entrant, joined Hamilton in the post-race chat and was Hamilton’s personal guest at the Mercedes paddock.

Sources told InTouchWeekly that he has completely forgotten Pique now and is still in love with Hamilton.

“They were inseparable, and it was a hot summer romance,” Says the close source

“They believe in love and are excited to see what the future holds for them.”

They, seen together on a boat after the Miami Grand Prix, has not been confirmed, although many people are beginning to think that Hamilton and Shakira are dating.

The breakup with Peake affected the singer very much, and she described it as the most difficult period of her life. “It’s hard to talk about it, especially since I’m still alive because I’m in the limelight, and our breakup isn’t like a normal breakup,”

told Elle, “she believes in love and wants to see their future.

Shakira has been spotted competing in three F1 Grands Prix this season with heightened expectations about the relationship.

Hours later, Shakira, sitting in Hamilton with the checkered flag, was seen having dinner with her friends. The 44-year-old singer flew from Paris to London on Eurostar just days before the British Grand Prix.

It was later captured by photographers celebrating Hamilton’s podium finish at Silverstone. A source told Vaniatis that they saw the two stars kissing and embracing in the paddock before the Spanish GP.

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