Watch: Kajol’s hot kissing scene video goes viral on social media

kajol kissing in the trial

Kajol has two kissing scenes in the Hotstar series “The Trial”. One is with her co-star Alyy Khan, who plays her boyfriend, and the other is with Jisshu Sengupta, who plays her husband. The kissing scenes have been the subject of some discussion online, with some people praising Kajol for her boldness and others criticizing her for being too “provocative”.

The first kissing scene between Kajol and Alyy Khan takes place in the early episodes of the series. Kajol’s character, Noyonika, is in a relationship with Khan’s character, Arjun. The two of them kiss passionately in a hotel room. The scene is relatively tame, but it is still notable because it is one of the first times that Kajol has kissed onscreen in a long time.

The second kissing scene between Kajol and Jisshu Sengupta takes place later in the series. Kajol’s character, Noyonika, is married to Sengupta’s character, Akash. The two of them kiss passionately in a car. This scene is more intense than the first one, and it has been the subject of some controversy online. Some people have criticized Kajol for being too “provocative” in the scene, while others have praised her for her acting.

Ultimately, whether or not you think Kajol’s kissing scenes in “The Trial” are too much is a matter of personal opinion. However, there is no doubt that they are some of the most talked-about scenes in the series.

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