‘World Health Day’: Our Planet, Our Health

'World Health Day': Our Planet, Our Health

April 7 is widely known as “World Health Day”. It is a global awareness day under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization (WHO) and many other organisations. This day promotes physical, mental, and emotional well-being all over the world.

History of  ‘World Health Day’

The officials of China and Brazil proposed to create an international health organisation in 1945 independent from all the powers of governments. In July 1946, the constitution of the World Health Organisation got approval and entered into force on April 7, 1948. One of the first officials of WHO marked the date on July 22, 1949 for the celebration of “World Health Day”. But the date changed in the future.


The theme of “World Health Day”

Since 1950, this day uses a different theme each year. The Director-General of WHO at that time selects the theme based on suggestions of staff members and governments. This year’s theme for the day is Our Planet, Our Health.


Why is this day important?

This day inspires and spreads awareness among people. It is a chance to learn something new with the selection of different themes every year. WHO selects the themes for each year to raise awareness about current health issues among the masses.Conversation with masses helps to reduce the stigma around the illness. Hence, more people can certainly seek treatment.

Traditions of the day

This day’s celebration is to spread awareness of the health issues people. The people who are not fortunate live in poor regions in the world. The day reminds us to remain grateful for our health and improve our lifestyle for a better life ahead. Some activities organised are like hiking, bicycling, charity drives and fundraisers. People are encouraged to do meditation, be a part of therapy sessions and follow a balanced diet.
This can be a good exercise to look at how far humans came in healthcare services. World Health Organisation(WHO) offers free and much-needed information toolkits for its organizers. Take this challenge and start a conversation about current healthcare issues.

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