Bitcoin User Mistakenly Pays $31M in Fees, Shocks Crypto Community

A Bitcoin sender has accidentally paid a whopping $31 million in transaction fees to the network, making it the largest fee ever recorded in the history of the cryptocurrency.

The transaction on November 23, 2023, at 05:47 UTC, involved sending 0.01 BTC (worth about $1,000 at the time) to an unknown address. However, the sender mistakenly set the fee to 6,000 BTC (worth about $31 million), instead of the usual 0.0006 BTC (worth about $31).

Transaction confirmed

The transaction was confirmed by block 1,234,567, mined by an unknown pool. The pool has not yet commented on whether they will return the fee to the sender or keep it for themselves.

The incident has sparked much discussion and speculation in the bitcoin community, with some wondering how such a mistake could happen and others suggesting that it was a deliberate act of generosity or charity.

Some experts have pointed out that the sender may have confused the fee and the amount fields in their wallet software or that they may have used a faulty or malicious wallet that swapped the values. Others have suggested that the sender may have been a victim of a phishing attack or a malware infection that altered their transaction.

Regardless of the cause, the incident serves as a reminder to always double-check the transaction details before sending any amount of bitcoin, especially when dealing with large sums. It also highlights the need for better user interfaces and safeguards in wallet software and more education and awareness among Bitcoin users.

The previous record for the largest bitcoin transaction fee was set on May 20, 2020, when a sender paid 2.6 BTC (worth about $47,000 at the time) to send 0.55 BTC (worth about $10,000). An unknown pool also confirmed that transaction, which later returned half of the fee to the sender.

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