Biden Officially Announces His Bid For Re-election In The 2024 Presidential Run

Biden Officially Announces His Bid For Re-election In The 2024 Presidential Run

On April 25, US President Joe Biden formally launched his candidacy for re-election in 2024, urging voters to grant him more time to finish the job he began when he was sworn in.

The Announcement

In a well-crafted video distributed by his new campaign team, Biden made his statement and said it was his duty to preserve American democracy. It begins with footage from the January 6, 2021, attack on the United States Capitol by former President Donald Trump’s followers.

As per the TheTimes Of India, Biden called the Republican plans “threats to American freedom” and vowed to battle efforts to restrict women’s healthcare access, slash Social Security, and outlaw books, all the while criticising “MAGA extremists.” Trump, who might very well be the Republican challenger to Biden in the November 2024 election, is the man behind the “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan, thus the abbreviation MAGA.

Changes Made By The Biden Election

For the Democratic Party, which confronts a complicated electoral landscape to keep the Senate in 2024 and is now the minority in the House of Representatives, Biden’s age makes his re-election campaign a historic and dangerous wager.

Although a 40-year high in inflation has marred his economic record, in the two years since he succeeded Trump, Biden has secured congressional approval for billions of dollars in federal funds to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and build new infrastructure. He has also presided over the lowest levels of unemployment since 1969. 

When Russia invaded Ukraine, causing terrible humanitarian disasters for the locals and putting other European friends in jeopardy, a trap was set that easily might have led the United States into war. The US has been effectively kept out of it by Biden and his administration. The president, who initially came across as an elderly guy out of touch, has effectively been repositioned as a person whose mistakes are careless but fiercely well-intentioned.


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