Karishma Tanna caught using mobile phone inside Big Boss house

Karishma Tanna caught using mobile phone inside Big Boss house

The reality shows Big Boss is based on the concept of no access to the outside world for full 90 days. The contestants will only be living on mere benefits given by Big Boss; however, the leaked pictures don’t say so.

A recently leaked picture of the reality shows Big Boss contestant Karishma Tanna was seen hiding something from the co-contestant Gautam Gulati; it was supposedly looking like a cell phone.

A charging point with a plugged mobile charger in the smoking room was also found in the picture. Controversies have been created against this entire scenario.

Big Boss viewer shares photo

After a Big Boss viewer shared the picture on social media, the incident came to notice. As per the show’s pattern, there are hundreds of cameras in the home, and it is nearly next to impossible to carry any outside facility in the house.

As the pictures don’t say it clearly it is also being assumed that Karisma could be carrying a cigarette box or a matchbox kind of thing in her hand.

The charger in the smoking room is also being assumed to be the charger for the hair trimmer or hair straightener being used by the co-contestants living there.

No definite claim in favor of the picture has been raised. It’s the only assumption that is creating and ending the controversy for the reality game show.

No official claims have also been confirmed, leaving the audience in a state of confusion. The show is ending now, and soon the winner will be declared.

Farah khan is shooting for the finale episode as Salman is busy shooting his movie.