Farmers’ protest: Broke the turbulence of peace on January 26

The ongoing Indian farmer’s protest 2020-2021 against the three farm acts. Marched through Punjab and Haryana, a movement named “Delhi Chalo” that started on 9 August 2020, adds to 5 months, 2 weeks, and 5 days until now, breaks the peace march on 26 January. The parliament of India in September 2020 passed a Farm Bill delineated as “anti-farmer laws”. That has left the farmers at the “mercy of corporate’s” say’s the opposition politicians. This encouraged unprecedented violence in New Delhi on the national Republic Day after a tractor parade held on Tuesday. In the process, one protester died when his tractor overturned while ramming a road barrier at ITO.

Thousands of protesters, multiple driving tractors, broke away delegated rally routes. The unruly protesters carried sticks, swords and felled the barriers holding the tricolor and union flags. Jarred the police officers and entered the national capital from various paths to siege the Red Fort. Ascend the flag pole resulting in injuries to 397 people and other critical conditions at various hospitals in New Delhi.

The peace march turned Misconceived and Erroneous

According to Indian Express. The polices had to finally use lathi charge and teargas shells to control the protestors stop the violence. Thereby lead-in, beating the on-duty officers while attempting to run tractors over them. This disgraced act of violence dishonored the National Flag at Red Fort.

Further on, officials said the ploy was created by “notorious forces or organizations” to break the peace march protest. The question arises on how the peace protest suddenly turned into a violent movement on January 26.

A plea has been charged for investigating a judicial inquiry

A petition has been filed in the apex court by advocate Vishal Tiwari. He will adjure three-members to inquire under a former top court judge’s chairmanship and comprising two more retired high court judges. Towards collecting and recording testimony in the matter and submit a report in the time assigned period.

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