‘Perfect Marriage Revenge’ Episode 8  Spoilers: The Web of Deceit Tightens as Secrets Emerge

The Web of Deceit Tightens as Secrets Emerge

“Perfect Marriage Revenge” released another episode on MBN and Viki on November 19, 2023. This show centers on a woman who takes revenge on her family by traveling back in time.

The show beautifully balances drama, family politics, and romance. These elements make it a perfect K-drama for fans. During the recent episode, we saw the couple face tough challenges.

In this episode, we see Seo Do-Guk (Sung Hoon) and Han Yi-Joo (Jung Yoo-Min) finding secrets about their family.

The episode uncovers big mysteries about the couple’s identity. As they faced many hardships they got to know about Yi-Joo’s birth family.

Sung Hoon & Jung Yoo-Min discover secrets in ‘Perfect Marriage Revenge’ Episode 8

“Perfect Marriage Revenge”’s most recent episode was about how Yi-Joo and Do-Guk’s marriage was based on a contract.

However, Lee Jung-Hye (Lee Min-Young) thought that they were going to divorce, and it was not the intention of Do-Guk’s mother. Additionally, it was the means by which she had Do-Guk enrolled in Taeja Group.

When Seo Jung-Wook (Kang Shin-Hyo) hears all this from Han Yoo-Ra (Jin Ji-Hee), he wants her sister, Yi-Joo to be killed.

Yoo-Ra can do so by having Yoo Se-Hyeok’s sister defame Yi-Joo through the internet. Subsequently, spiteful comments regarding Yi-Joo would spring up over the internet whereupon Do-Guk learnt about them.

A Sibling Rivalry Escalates and Secrets Surface

Do-Guk has already declared war against his brother Jung-Wook over an incident in their past. Then came her grandmother who made an announcement regarding who would succeed her as company head within a year. 

Therefore, Jung-Wook will meet with Jung-Hye to discuss how they may tarnish Do-Guk’s image. In turn, she wants him to tell her about a Savings Bank acquisition.

At the same time, Do-Guk approaches Se-Hyeok about his sister’s behavior. The latter lies saying that it was his mistake and had nothing to do with his sister or Yoo-Ra.

Yi Joo then encounters her aunt Lee Geum Young, who was unjustly expelled from their family home. Following a reunion Geum Young reveals that Jung Hye made death threats towards her during the period when she was in hiding.

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