Park Eun-Bin’s New Song ‘Dream Us’ in Castaway Diva Episode 8

Park Eun-Bin's New Song ‘Dream Us’ in Castaway Diva Episode 8

The popular romantic comedy K-drama series Castaway Diva released another episode on November 19, 2023. Starring Park Eun-Bin, a famous Korean actor plays the lead role of Seo Mok-Ha. Whose aim is to become a K-pop idol in future.

In the latest episode we see our lead actor singing a new song called “Dream Us”. The singing talent of Park Eun-Bin is reflected in her character. In the second episode we saw her singing a song “Someday”.

What is the meaning of Park Eun-Bin’s song ‘Dream Us’ about?

Park Eun Bins latest track titled “Dream Us” featured in the drama series Castaway Diva revolves around the Seo Mok Has aspirations of becoming a singer and a prominent figure in the K pop industry.

The song narrates the journey of a girl who harbors ambitions of achieving stardom and highlights how her dreams remain steadfast despite any obstacles she may encounter.

The Lyrics of Park Eun-Bin’s song ‘Dream Us’ 

The lyrics commence with “A dream once cherished by a girl. A dream to outshine the stars. Hold onto that dream for it shall forever reside within my heart.” Subsequently the song delves into the girls optimism for a promising future after putting in relentless effort and determination.

The lyrics go on, “I am still dreaming of you. When the sun rises in the distance, in this eternally dark place. It is my prayer that at the end of this journey we are making, there will be a bright future.”

The song in K-drama series Castaway Diva also says how nothing in the world will stop the young girl from achieving her dream. The lyrics add on as they say, “I won’t shed a tear no matter what hardships may come.

I will ride fate’s waves and take your hand. We can rely on each other until the morning light comes when it gets too foggy….Even if I’m ridiculed by the whole world for taking this road. Once again, I’ll follow my true heart’s map and run.”

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