Trumps lands in New York for surrender, opposes TV cameras in court

Trumps lands in New York for surrender, opposes TV cameras in court

Former President Donald Trump arrived in New York City on Monday morning to surrender to federal authorities following his indictment on charges of fraud, tax evasion, and obstruction of justice. Trump, who denied wrongdoing, was greeted by a crowd of supporters and protesters outside the courthouse.

Trump’s legal team files motion to ban cameras in the courtroom

Trump’s lawyers filed a motion to prohibit the live broadcast of his trial, arguing that it would violate his right to a fair trial and prejudice potential jurors.

The motion also claimed that the media coverage of the case has been biased and hostile to Trump and that allowing cameras in the courtroom would create a “circus atmosphere”.

The prosecution opposed the motion, saying that the public has a right to see the proceedings and that there is no evidence that cameras would affect the trial’s outcome.

Trump faces multiple charges and possible prison time

Trump is facing ten counts of fraud, five counts of tax evasion, and one count of obstruction of justice stemming from his business dealings before and during his presidency.

The charges allege that Trump inflated his assets, defrauded lenders and investors, evaded taxes, and interfered with congressional investigations. If convicted, Trump could face up to 20 years in prison.

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