TXT’s Soobin and RIIZE’s Seunghan Caught in Controversy for Allegedly Disparaging LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae

TXT's Soobin and RIIZE's Seunghan at Center of Controversy After Private Live Stream Leak

Both Soobin from TXT and Seunghan from RIIZE are under fire for allegedly making offensive remarks toward LE SSERAFIM. After a video of their private live stream was hacked and appeared online, commotion broke out.

What Happened?

Their exchange was mistranslated as Seunghan appeared to be disparaging Eunchae’s talent and Soobin was giving him the finger. It has now been made clear that Seunghan was making light of Soobin and bringing up Eunchae in relation to their prior partnership. Supporters of Seunghan have stood up for him, blaming mistranslations and invasions of privacy for the confusion.

Soobin of TXT and Seunghan of RIIZE are facing criticism for reportedly disparaging LE SSERAFIM. A footage of the pair’s private live stream went viral once it was posted online.

There are just four persons watching the steam when Seunghan appears to be disparaging someone and bringing up Eunchae. In response, the individual known only as Soobin said, “He’s showing something,” and he made a middle-finger motion with his toes.

It was an example of mistranslation, according to Korean media; the original text was, “Is Hong Eunchae close with Hong Seunghan? However, Seunghan, who are you to criticize someone in that way?”

Seunghan: Nevertheless, isn’t this true? It’s true that she is unable to sing, dance, or rap, but she is ecstatic just to have been given the opportunity to MC for Mubank; our Eunchae is there (on the show).

  • Soobin I want to show you something (he points to his middle toe).
    But according to the accurate translation of the caption, Seunghan actually said, “It’s a fact.”

No, you can’t rap, dance, or sing. Just because you MC’d for Music Bank has you all fired up. You were able to meet our Eunchae as well. In response, Soobin gave him the finger, saying, “I have something to show you.”

Seunghan appeared to be making light of Soobin, and Eunchae’s reference was made in relation to her co-hosting Music Bank in the early months of 2023.

One fan defended Seunghan in this debate on X, saying, “Considering he only made his debut two months ago, Seunghan has literally been through a lot and had his privacy violated a lot.”

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