Nam Jo-Hyuk’s ‘Vigilante’ Episode 4 Recap & Spoilers: Is ‘Vigilante’s’ Identity Revealed?

Nam Jo-Hyuk’s 'Vigilante' Episode 4 Recap & Spoilers: Is 'Vigilante’s' Identity Revealed?

The running “Vigilante” K-drama recently released another episode on Disney Plus. This exciting thriller series is based on a boy named Kim Ji-Young played by Nam Joo-Hyuk. The protagonist is an aspiring police officer who attends Police University during the day and becomes a “Vigilante” at night.

In episode 4 we see Cho-Heon searching for a “Vigilante” while in actuality he crosses paths with him twice. But using his skills and instincts he figures out some clues that leads him to Ji Yong. However this might not mean that he thinks Ji Yong as the “Vigilante” but he is a potential suspect.

Yoo Hi-Tae continues his investigation to find Nam Joo-Hyuk in ‘Vigilante’ Episode 4

After Ji Yong confronts the “Vigilante” regarding the murder it turns out that the masked individual is actually a fan who expresses a desire to team up with Ji Yong. 

However Ji Yong firmly declines this proposition explaining that such an alliance contradicts his principles. Nevertheless the masked person warns Ji Yong about the consequences he will face and urges him to reveal their identity. 

Ji Yong respectfully. Drives away. Meanwhile Cho Heon and Choi Mi Ryeo persist in their investigation to locate the “Vigilante”. Subsequently Ji Yong receives another message from the masked individual seeking his assistance.

The Masked Hero and the Hunt for the Vigilante

The day Chang Kang Ok, who is actually the masked hero, receives information from his assistant regarding the events at the hospital. He becomes aware that reporter Mi Ryeo captured the incident on film and decides to meet with her for a discussion. Chang Ok expresses his admiration for the “Vigilante”. Proposes working to protect Ji Yong but unfortunately she declines.

Meanwhile Cho Heon advises Jang Soon Deops brother and his gang to cease their pursuit of the “Vigilante”. He then joins his team in analyzing a murder case. Cho Heon deduces that the “Vigilante” must have some knowledge of law enforcement due, to clues. Enough university professor Lee Jun Yeop has made an observation.

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